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Parascience Journal

Putting the science back into pseudoscience.

Welcome To Our Website

The Mission

Parascience Journal is a research organization that is focused on the use of the scientific method in paranormal investigation

We are breaking down the barriers that the entertainment aspect of the field has built up. Our focus is how the scientific method works and how we can incorporate it better into our processes.

We discuss ways for groups to collect viable data and also review popular equipment to help groups understand what devices would work within their processes and budget. We also have an open invitation for readers to ask questions of the staff.  If you have a question, want to play "stump the chump" or would just like to talk shop, drop us a line at

The Founder

I dislike the term "ghost hunter", would like to see the genre become more structured and have ideas for equipment design that I think would change the industry for the better, not just the dramatic. This is a record of my self-education in the field of paranormal investigation.

Join me on my journey as we delve into the field of paranormal research and investigation. Our goal is to look at the theories that we work with and try to determine where they came from and if they are based on fact or based in belief.
Lots of groups claim to perform scientific investigations because they use fancy, expensive equipment. It is not enough to have the equipment, you must also know how to use it. Data must also be recorded properly for the evidence collected to be verified. The science is in the process, not the technology.

The Work

We want to bring the use of the scientific method to the forefront of paranormal investigation in more than just words.

Our mission is not to take the magic out of this field of research, but to start progressing towards real answers.  Look at the work that is being done and ask "Why are we not getting the attention of the scientific community?"  The answer is that we are not finding any real evidence.  If we want the scientific community to take notice, we need to learn to speak their language.